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Lessons & Training

At Pathfinder Farm, students are encouraged to spend time grooming and connecting with their horse well before and after their lesson.

Parents and friends are welcome to stay and watch lessons and socialize with others in our barn community. 

Download our flyer for rates and safety tips.

Flyer 2022.png

Please help maintain a safe learning environment and keep the dust down, drive slowly—5 MPH on the property. Thanks!

Evaluation Ride

If it's your first time at Pathfinder Farm, start with a one-time evaluation ride.

Group Lessons

This one-hour long lesson accommodates 2-6 riders.

1x weekly
2x weekly
3x weekly
Combo 1 private, 1 group weekly
Private Lessons

This 45-minute lesson offers one-on-one instruction.

1 Single lesson
1x weekly
2x weekly
Combo 1 private, 1 group weekly

Choose from half or full training to include lessons for you and schooling for your horse. 

Training - half, 4 days/week
Training - full, 6 days/week

Have your horse schooled by the trainer.

School your horse
Additional Horse Care

Additional services for the care of your horse.

Special care (medication, grooming)
$20/each time
Supplement feeding
$40/each time
$30/each time
Horse Show

Additional fees paid to your trainer on horse show days. These are separate from fees paid to the horse show organizer for your show entries.

1-day show
2 or more days show
Use of school horse
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