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Mission statement

At Pathfinder Farm the riding arena is the classroom and the horse is an integral part of a dynamic teaching team. The horse is honored and respected by providing him the highest quality of care and by teaching students how to earn the position of horse's leader.

Students face challenges and overcome obstacles by learning important skills that are the foundation of Horsemanship. Positive approaches to problems are taught and students learn valuable life lessons from these experiences. Students progress at their own pace and develop many qualities such as self-confidence, responsibility, patience, determination and communication skills. Lessons are taught in a positive learning environment where the potential within each student is recognized, encouraged and directed.

Meet Patty


My Teaching and Training Philosophy

I believe that a horse can be the perfect reflection of its rider.  Some people come to Pathfinder Farm to overcome their fear of horses - they are in awe of and respect horses but because of their size and strength, a horse can be intimidating. 


If the rider emits positive attitudes, the horse reacts positively. If the rider emits negative emotions, the horse will react accordingly.  Thus, the rider must learn to control his or her own emotions in order to work together in harmony with the horse. 


By teaching students basic principles of horsemanship starting with safety on and around horses, care and grooming, proper fit and function of tack and control on the ground before they ride for the first time, they become more confident in their relationship with the horse.


“Patty's commitment to her students is only surpassed by her commitment to the horse-always ensuring the health, welfare and education of both is at the forefront.”​

Kat Beaulieu, student & boarder

“I love that riding is a sport where you improve with a partner that you trust. Also, I love the community at the barn and how thoughtful everybody is."

Charlie Stone, student

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